Precast Concrete Fabricator Program

Time is Money

It’s an old adage, but certainly applies. How long would it take your sales staff to travel to all the building jurisdictions in North America and convince them your precast concrete fabrication facility meets the codes? Impossible, right? A Uniform ES Certification does it for you.

No one knows better than you that today’s tough market requires more than talent for success.
Successful companies use every available advantage to increase product sales. Uniform ES will provide documentation of compliance or assurance to regulators, building owners, specifiers, and builders that the recognized fabricators operate under a set of robust and functional processes to provide quality systems that meet the stakeholders’ expectations.

When your sales staff makes pitches, would prospective clients find a third-party document summarizing all relevant code issues valuable? Especially if the third party is a group known and trusted by code officials? More specifically, would that help sales? Would it be easier to sell with or against this advantage?

Why wait until your competitor has the upper hand? It’s yours for the taking!

How does it work?

Code officials trust IAPMO and its Uniform Evaluation Services. As a model code agency, we are here to assist the code official in verifying code compliance. We are not affiliated with any manufacturing sectors. IAPMO Uniform ES has published evaluation criteria for precast concrete fabricators (EC22). This criteria sets forth the information needed to document the fabrication facility’s quality system, including a schedule of surveillance inspections by qualified inspection bodies:

  • Industry Standards
    IBC, ACI 318, CSA A23.4, PCI MNL-116, AWS D1.4, ISO/IEC 9000
  • Locations
    Multiple locations can be reviewed under one application.
  • Scope of Evaluation
    The type of work (precasting, prestressing, welding, etc.) performed at each facility
  • Inspection Body
    This agency, accredited according to ISO/IEC 17020, will provide recurring QA inspections 
  • Audits and inspections
    Content and frequency
  • Processes
    Concrete mixing, placement, curing
  • Personnel
    QC manager, inspector, technicians
  • Records
    Details on inspection and testing reports
  • Maintenance
    Updating and improving quality system

Uniform ES Gives You All This

Each certified fabricator gets the backing of IAPMO with code officials, including:

  • Access by telephone and in writing to UES engineers to get your questions answered.
  • Listing on our website.
  • Timely completion of your certificate and continuing customer service. Our staff is available to answer your questions, and questions from consumers about your certificate.
  • Economical cost providing great value.
  • Conformance with Section 104.11.1 of the 2012 & 2015 IBC.

Easy as 1-2-3

Just a few administrative steps will get the dedicated staff of UES started developing your certificate:

  • Fill out the application
  • Send in your substantiating data (quality control plan, quality assurance plan)
  • Submit payment of the basic fee
  • UES staff will take it from there

Speed to Market

Provided that the incoming data is well organized, our staff has issued certificates in as little as 45 days, but most are issued within two months. Everything depends on how quickly you can respond to our questions and requests for additional information. Our goal is to respond to submittals in less than two weeks.