Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, the manufacturer of ResinDek engineered wood mezzanine flooring system. Is the premier flooring system for the material handling industry and many other applications, including Self-Storage. ResinDek is the value engineered flooring solution for mezzanines, industrial work platforms, pick modules and storage equipment and can be found in distribution centers around the world. As premier manufacturer and supplier of industrial engineered flooring panels in North America, ResinDek panels are held to the highest standards with an emphasis on innovation, engineering, quality, and overall service.

ER-467          Resindek® Panels for flooring and Shelving Applications
ER-725          Fastrac CE408 Gold Adhesive Anchor System
UEL-5027      Resindek Flooring Panels



Cosella-Dörken delivers innovative, high performance air and moisture barriers for commercial and residential construction sold under the DELTA® brand name. A North American manufacturer based out of Beamsville, Ontario, Cosella-Dörken Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a leading European developer and manufacturer of waterproofing and drainage products sold worldwide. Cosella-Dörken is known for delivering premium products while providing educational programs and full technical support. For more information, call 1-888-4DELTA4 (433-5824).

ER-323          Delta®-Dry & Lath and Boral Drain ‘N’ Dry Lath


Digital Building Components offers a unique approach to building faster projects, at a lower cost, and higher level of quality. This is made possible through digital fabrication: our technology-driven process that transforms computer models and CAD/CAM drawings directly into precise-to-spec products.

ER-451          Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members and Panels



For over 40 years, Flame Control has been providing industry-leading Heat Resistant and Fire Retardant coatings for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  With a project portfolio that spans the globe, Flame Control has been specified and approved by thousands of architects and code officials.

ER-596          Flame Control 60-60A Intumescent Thermal Barrier for Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation
ER-830          Flame Control No. 10-10A and Flame Control No. 20-20A Coatings



FreeAxez has revolutionized cable management and access floors with an award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution® and raised floor system that smoothly integrates technology through a superior raised floor system. It’s flexible in design and quick to assemble.

ER-518          Freeaxez Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution Systems
UEL-5028      Freeaxez Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution Systems



International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) is the manufacturer of the industry leading DC315 intumescent coating 15-minute thermal barrier and Ignition barrier fire protection of spray foam insulation. In addition, IFTI offers highly tested firestop products, intumescent paint, fire retardant paint, thermal barriers and fire protective coatings.  IFTI’s products help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases over combustible substrates such as cables, wood, gypsum and fabrics. Equally important, IFTI products were  designed and tested for the global market and are fully listed and compliant to many international standards.

ER-499          DC315 Field Applied Intumescent Coatings


The name Kenyon has since become synonymous with the finest quality and craftsmanship in the construction industry. We are now the largest lath and plastering contractor in the United States. Kenyon Plastering is also the preferred lath and plastering contractor for many of the top construction companies and general contracting firms in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

ER-536          1-Kote Exterior Cementitious One-Coat Wall Coating System



Visionary manufacturer of passive fire protective coatings known as intumescent and fire retardant coatings utilized in one-and two-family, multi-family, light commercial and commercial construction. Conforming to national and local I-Code building requirements, their products are professionally installed by certified Fire WiseTM contractors.  Spray-applied as a single-coat application, No-Burn® passively protects building materials,such as spray polyurethane foam insulation, structural insulated panels, gypsum board and engineered wood products through preventing ignition, providing thermal barrier protection, slowing flame spread and smoke developed or providing fire resistance as prescribed.

ER-305          No-Burn®, Plus, Plus THB, Plus XD, Plus MIH, Original, Original MIH, Wood Gard and Wood Gard MIH


Since 1969 Miami, Florida-based Plastic Components has been a leading manufacturer of plastic trims and accessories for the construction industry. We are the originators of many innovative trims and offer the most complete line of PVC accessories for EIFS in the industry.

Our nearly 700 line items include corner beads, control joints, vents, slip joints, reveals, and more – for exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS), direct applied (DEFS), stucco, drywall and other applications. 

ER-284          Ultra-Lath® Plus HDPE Lath for Use in Vertical or Horizontal Applications
ER-5039        Ultra-Lath Plus HDPE Lath
UEL-5046      Ultra-Lath Plus HDPE Lath



Since 1952, Protecto Wrap Company has been manufacturing waterproofing membranes with a sound reputation for producing some of the highest quality waterproofing systems available. Our products meet or exceed the design requirements and specifications for a variety of applications. Protecto Wrap offers design consultation and field technical support for all product lines, which include residential and commercial waterproofing membranes on:

  • Foundations/Decks
  • Window and Door Flashings
  • Roofing Underlayments
  • Flooring Underlayments
  • Energy Systems

Whatever your waterproofing, roofing underlayment or flashing needs, Protecto Wrap Company has you covered.

ER-334          AFM and AFM-WM Anti-Fracture Membranes and Jiffy Seal 140/60 Waterproofing Membranes
ER-362          Protecto Seal 45 (PS45) Flashing Tape™, PW-100/40 Flashing Tape™, Tile Flash 60 XL™, BT20XL Butyl™, BT25XL™, Protecto Super Stick Building Tape™, Universal Primer Free Membrane, and Diamond Kote High Performance Building Tape.
ER-390          SAFSEAL 6640, Jiffy Seal Ice and Water Guardrainproof 40/High Performance, Rainproof 60/High Performance Roof Underlayments; and Rainproof Tm, Jiffy Seal Ice and Waterguard HLT and Jiffy Seal Butyl Ice and Water Guard HLT Alternative Ice Barriers
ER-613          Jiffy Seal Ice and Water Guard Extreme Self-Adhering Membrane
UEL-5020      Protecto Deck Membrane Waterproofing System



The QUIKRETE® Companies offers hundreds of professional-grade and consumer products including concrete mixes, mortar mixes, cements, concrete repair products, stuccos, floor underlayments, tile setting systems, pavers, retaining wall systems, precast structural products, hardscapes, blacktop products, sand and aggregates, and other seasonal items.

ER-455           QUIKRETE® Lightweight One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco (Lightweight FRS) and QUIKRETE® One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco (One Coat FRS)


Sacramento Stucco Co. is a Western Blended Products manufacturing facility, as well as a full plastering building materials yard. Located in West Sacramento CA, "Sac Stucco" (as it's known by our customers) is a family-owned business established in 1983.

ER-382          Western 1-Kote Exterior Cementitious One-Coat Wall Coating System; Ashgrove One-Coat Stucco System; Dryvit Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) System; Insulex Continuous Insulation Stucco System; and StoPowerwall™ Stucco



All FireGuard products manufactured by Shield Industries are proven to provide passive fire protection for a variety of applications and have been tested to ASTM, NFPA, and UL standards. Immediately reducing smoke, stopping the spread of flames, and improving conditions for first responders is essential to saving lives in the event of a fire. Intumescent coatings and fire-resistant treatments make these critical life safety measures possible.

ER-442          Forcefield® Fireguard E-84® Intumescent Coating
UEL-5013      ForceField® FireGuard E-84® Applied to Oriented Strand Board



SpiderLath is a patented, superior fiberglass lath system for use in stucco, plaster, tile, countertops, shower surrounds, manufactured stone, and natural stone veneers, brick, concrete stairs, concrete overlays and other masonry systems! SpiderLath can be used over existing surfaces to apply masonry finishes. SpiderLath is fully encapsulated in the mortar bed creating a fiberglass reinforced scratch coat.

ER-141          Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh with a Multi-Function Strip System



At Structa Wire, we are driven to enhance the performance of stucco. As a recognized industry leader, we deliver technically superior products and exceptional service. Since 1999, our innovative, patented products with cold-rolled wire have been elevating the efficiency, structural integrity, aesthetic beauty and profitability of our clients’ residential and commercial construction projects across North America.

ER-2017          Structalath NO. 17 SFCR II AND NO. 17 SFCR Twin Track, Structa Mega Lath, V-Truss Walls and Ceilings Lath, Structalath 316 SFCR, and Structa-Corners Reinforcements


The Supreme Steel Framing System was developed over three years of continuous study. Supreme steel studs have a superior yield strength of 57 ksi, reduced thicknesses for easier screw attachment and a larger flange width for enhanced drywall attachment and target area.

ER-313          Cold-Formed Steel Framing Members



Tree Island Steel is an international supplier of premium wire products.  Established in 1964, it has grown to become one of North America’s leading producers of wire and fabricated wire products.

Through its four operating facilities in the United States and Canada, Tree Island Steel produces wire products for a diverse range of residential construction, commercial construction, industrial and agricultural applications. 

Its products include galvanized wire; bright wire; a broad array of fasteners, including packaged, collated and bulk nails; stucco reinforcing products; concrete reinforcing mesh; fencing and other fabricated wire products. 

The company markets these products under the Tree Island, Halsteel, K-Lath, TI Wire, and Tough Strand brand names.

ER-341          K-Lath Woven-Wire and Welded-Wire and Corner Accessories



TuffWrap Installations, Inc. is an innovative dust and debris containment company providing interior protection solutions to a variety of industries undergoing construction projects. Protecting our clients, their products, and their brand from dust and debris is our priority.

ER-706          Smartseam
UEL-5055       Smartseam