Staff Bios

Jerry Carrier is the Senior Vice President of Uniform Evaluation Services. He oversees all aspects of the building products ES program, building products test lab, and Quality Control Consultants.

Mr. Carrier was previously with Glen-Gery Corp., one of the largest masonry manufacturers in the United States formerly an Oldcastle Company and purchased by Brickworks Limited. Starting in 1989 as a design adviser, he was promoted to director of Technical Services in 2001 and director of Research and Development in 2008, developing their Quality Assurance System and several innovative wall assemblies.

Mr. Carrier is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He is a Fellow with ASTM International (receiving the ASTM Award of Merit) due to his work with ASTM C12 and C15.

Richard Beck, P.E. is the Vice President of Uniform Evaluation Services. 

Before joining IAPMO, Mr. Beck had more than 36 years of engineering experience, including 25 years with the International Code Council and its predecessor the Southern Building Code Congress International. Some highlights include Richard’s contribution to the Product Evaluation Program (both report and criteria development), serving as the secretary to the Mechanical, Plumbing and Gas code committees, developing and presenting code courses on these codes and the building code, designing/maintaining certification programs, Code interpretations, telephone, written & formal (committee), serving on the initial development committees for the IPC and IMC, served on ASHRAE Standards Committee, and developed commentary for the mechanical and gas codes. Prior to entering the codes arena, Mr. Beck worked for seven years in the design and construction of large commercial nuclear power plants for the Tennessee Valley Authority Division of Engineering Design and Southern Company Services.

This experience makes Richard uniquely qualified to be a leader in IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Services. His focus remains on customer service, both to the users and report holders. 

“I am very excited about being at IAPMO and the opportunity to compete in the marketplace,” Mr. Beck said. “Competition makes everyone better — it’s the American way.”

Mr. Beck holds a BSME from the University of Alabama and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Alabama, California and Georgia. He has certification by ICC as a Master Code Professional (MCP), Certified Building Official (CBO), and by the state of Florida as a Building Official and Plan Examiner.

Brian Gerber, P.E. is the Vice President of Technical Operations - Uniform Evaluation Services.

Brian has over 40 years of engineering experience, encompassing building construction from inspection to design to standards writing. This background gives him an unusually broad base of skills with which to understand manufacturers’ needs and the objective of maintaining public safety. As technical director, he works with clients to create an identity in the field of code compliance. These clients run the gamut from small start-ups to Fortune 100 conglomerates.

With memberships in the American Concrete Institute, American Iron and Steel Institute, American Institute of Steel Construction, ASTM International, and the Structural Engineers Association of California, Brian actively participates in these organizations to further the engineering profession. He has received awards and fellowships for his contributions.

Brian holds degrees in engineering and business, and is a registered structural engineer. His research efforts have been detailed in technical papers and presentations delivered to prominent structural engineering organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations, the Structural Engineers World Congress, the International Institute for FRP in Construction, and the International Federation for Structural Concrete Congress (fédération internationale du béton).

Barry A. Johnson, P.E. is a Director at Uniform Evaluation Services.

Johnson brings more than 30 years of technical experience in design and construction as a civil/structural engineer. He spent 23 years with ICC, working in both technical services and evaluation services. He served most recently as senior staff engineer, launching a building products listing program in addition to working on deck, guardrail, and exterior wall cladding evaluation reports and reviewing reports to the Florida building codes.

“I am excited to be part of the Uniform ES team and looking forward to continuing my relationships within the building community,” Johnson said. “It has always been rewarding to help manufacturers gain a wider entry into the marketplace and to work with the building safety and design professionals to make their jobs easier.”

Johnson earned a B.S.C.E. degree from the University of Alabama, an MBA from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and began his engineering career with Vulcraft, a division of Nucor Corporation. He is a registered professional engineer in two states: Alabama and Florida.

Adam Barefoot. P.E. is a Strategic Initiatives Manager at Uniform Evaluation Services.

Barefoot brings over 20 years’ of design, construction and inspection experience in the field of engineering.  He served 6 years in the Army National Guard, Corp of Engineers, has 10 years of experience in consulting design engineering and over 8 years in evaluation services, testing and inspections.   

He earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and is a registered engineer

Woods McRoy, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at Uniform Evaluation Services.

McRoy has over 40 years of engineering experience with 10 years experience in structural design and analysis and over 30 years of building code and product evaluation experience.  He holds certifications as Certified Building Official (CBO), Florida Plans Examiner, and Florida Building Inspector.

McRoy has served on the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Specifications for over 10 years.

McRoy earned a B.S. in Engineering from Mississippi State University and is a registered structural engineer.

Rafael Donado, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at Uniform Evaluation Services.

He has 10 years of experience in product evaluation and review of building codes and standards.

He earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University. He is bilingual in Spanish and coordinates the Spanish Language Evaluations/Listings.

After completing his formal education, he worked as a project engineer for a general contractor. As a field representative he also assisted the superintendent oversee commercial construction. He has experience as an assistant estimator for an electrical subcontractor bidding jobs, performing plan take-offs and interpreting specifications.

Michael O'Reardon, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at Uniform Evaluation Services.

O'Reardon has over 40 years of engineering experience with 34 years’ experience with the International Code Council and its predecessor the Southern Building Code Congress International. He holds certifications as a Master Code Professional (MCP), Building Code Official, Mechanical Code Official, Plumbing Code Official, Electrical Code Official, Housing Code Official, Fire Code Official, Standard Costal Construction Inspector; State of Florida Licensed as a Florida Standard Plans Examiner.

O'Reardon served on the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee for Design of Engineered Wood Construction Standards Committee, American National Standards Institute / Truss Plate Institute (ANSI/TPI) and American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Committees AWPA P-6, P-7/T-9 and T-7 for 15 years. ASCE, Design of Engineered Wood Construction Standards Committee

O'Reardon earned a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and is a registered structural engineer.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with the excellent engineering and administrative IAMPO UES  staff,” said O'Reardon.