Dispensing Equipment Alliance

The Dispensing Equipment Alliance (DEA) is established for the purpose of providing superior leadership and fostering the awareness of chemical dispensing technology and its impact on public health and safety through comprehensive educational activities, products, codes and standards, and public awareness initiatives. In addition, the DEA will serve as a clearinghouse of experience, ideas, and information to further the objectives and sustain interest on behalf of the DEA membership.

For inspectors, water purveyors, and regulators:

  • Provide an explanation of the ASSE 1055 standard: what it applies to, what protections are provided by equipment meeting the standard, and the benefits of integrated backflow protection
  • Provide input and recommendations to codes and standards to ensure safe use of chemical dispensing equipment through clear language and reasonable requirements
  • Increase compliance in the field through education and explanation of proper installation of chemical dispensing equipment

For customers and installers:

  • Best practices for safe and compliant installation of chemical dispensing equipment
  • Knowledge base for inquiries on codes applying to the installation and use of chemical dispensing equipment
  • Access to the IAPMO network to provide assistance in resolving concerns in the field about proper installation and certification of chemical dispensing equipment

Access to industry experts on chemical dispensing equipment