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Location:  Simpson Strong – Tie Manufacturing & Training Center; 22023-68th Ave. South, Kent, WA  98032 ** Building located at west end of industrial park next to 64th Ave. South **


  1. Inform building officials/building inspectors how to inspect horizontal wet vent, circuit vent, vertical wet vent and combination waste and vent systems.
  2. Inform apprentice/journeyperson plumbers, plumbing system(s) code compliant configurations.
  3. Inform how to apply plumbing code and best engineered management practice when practicable.
  4. Inform design professionals design concepts, which captures code related compliance design.

Course Description:

Part 1:

Students are lectured for approximately one hour with aid of a PowerPoint slide show presentation describing one specific code section and plumbing system type using the latest plumbing code edition to inform and elaborate effective use and interpretation of horizontal wet vent, circuit vent, vertical wet vent and combination waste and vent.  

Part 2:

Students separate into five groups who then apply one of the four plumbing systems; horizontal wet vent, circuit vent, vertical wet vent or combination waste and vent which was learned through a PowerPoint presentation assembling for approximately one hour a specific plumbing system focusing on practices that are code compliant and/or mitigate public health risk.  

Part 3: Discussion and debrief.

Students work together as a team, building inspectors, plumbers, design professionals, assembling plumbing systems using 3-D drainage pattern fittings collectively using shared knowledge and experiences while learning in their own learning style whether visual, tactile or intellectual applying plumbing code as written and best management practices to reduce public health risk.

Course Competencies:

  • Comprehensive study of code sections: 908, 908.2, 910, 911 of the 2015 UPC.
  • Describe when to use vertical wet vent, horizontal wet vent, circuit vent or combination waste and vent and most importantly, why.
  • Inform how to mitigate hydraulic jump, curtain wall and pressure differentials.
  • Assemble vertical wet vent, horizontal wet vent, circuit vent and combination waste and vent using 3-D scaled drainage pattern fittings with the aid of training isometric drawings, which are designed with discrepancies.
  • The core concept of Plumbing Systems Illustrated and Interactive Workshop is to facilitate cooperation between building officials/building inspectors, apprentice/journeyperson plumbers and design professionals to enhance knowledge preventing public health risk.

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