ASSE International provides professional certification examinations in specialized segments of backflow prevention, service plumbing, infection control, fire protection, rainwater harvesting, and hydronic heating and cooling.  ASSE International also offers nationally recognized certifications to jurisdictions.   By becoming certified you are increasing your employability.

ASSE 5000

ASSE 5000 Certification
Backflow Prevention

ASSE 6000

ASSE 6000 Certification
Medical Gas Systems

ASSE 7000

ASSE 7000 Certification
Residential Potable Water Fire Protection

ASSE 12000

ASSE 12000 Certification
Infection Control

ASSE 13000

ASSE 13000 Certification
Service Plumbing

ASSE 7000

ASSE 15000 Certification
Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

ASSE 19000

ASSE 19000 Certification
Hydronic Heating & Cooling

ASSE 21000

ASSE 21000 Certification
Rainwater Catchment Systems

ASSE’s Certification Program

  • Industry experience required
  • Comprehensive training courses cover industry-decided knowledge and skills
  • Written and practical exams required
  • Qualifications of instructors/proctors overseen by ASSE
  • Quality of training providers overseen by ASSE
  • Certified individuals and approved training providers listed on website


Contact the ASSE International Professional Qualifications staff by emailing them at assecertifications@asse-plumbing.org  for more information about ASSE Certifications.