Personnel Certification Mark Guidelines

Members of ASSE belong to an organization represented by all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries, forming a platform to discuss, understand and solve industry problems relating to their businesses and professions.

The aims and purposes of ASSE were proclaimed more than 100 years ago, but they continue to guide the organization’s activities today. ASSE’s mission is to continually improve the performance, reliability, and safety of plumbing and mechanical systems to support its motto, “Prevention Rather Than Cure.”

ASSE Membership Mark

Whether it’s through planning or participating in local chapter activities and meetings, writing articles for ASSE publications, mentoring a young member, learning from a veteran member, or volunteering on an ASSE committee, your membership is the key to ASSE International’s success. In addition to many other benefits of ASSE membership, use of its Member Mark could be the most special. Proudly displaying the ASSE Member Mark shows that you belong to organization that has been dedicated to bettering the plumbing and mechanical industries since 1906.

Use Case

Members of ASSE International may display the ASSE Member Mark on business cards, letterheads, email signatures, websites, and personal marketing materials to show that they are members and dedicated to the organization’s motto, “Prevention Rather Than Cure.”


The ASSE Membership Mark may only be used by current members of ASSE International in good standing.

The Mark may not be revised or altered in any way. The Mark may only appear in black, white, or “ASSE Blue” (see ASSE International Identity guidelines for specific color codes). A white version of the Mark may be used on backgrounds darker than 50% grey to provide sufficient contrast.

When a member uses the Mark, it must make clear that the Mark does not represent ASSE Product or Professional Certification. It is improper to imply that a member is an employee of ASSE International, or its business is endorsed by ASSE International.

No person gains any rights whatsoever in the Mark or its use; it remains the property of ASSE. ASSE reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to require the Mark’s removal from any location. Any unauthorized use of the Mark may result in legal action.

ASSE Membership


The mark is offered in a zipped folder that contains eps, png, and tiff formats. Png is appropriate for web use use. Tiff and eps are appropriate for print use. Eps is the preferred format, especially if the size of the mark will be significantly enlarged.

Download Mark