IAPMO Perseveres, Leans on Members for a Brighter Future

As I write this it is late December 2020, and even though we have been through difficult times this year, I feel a lot of optimism for our association and members. IAPMO’s leadership navigated the challenging waters with confidence and perseverance.

As our country and world have experienced such turmoil in both health concerns and politics, it has given us time to reflect on what is most important and to be thankful for what we have. This challenging time also gives us a great opportunity to set new goals and find creative solutions together. We found new ways to accomplish our important work, as well as maintain the friendships we have had for years.

We have prioritized maintaining a safe work environment and also limiting the in-person gatherings that could have exposed our treasured members to COVID. IAPMO has always been focused on the health and safety of the nation and the world, as well.

In 2020, our industry was, and still is, recognized as essential. We knew that all along, however it is great to receive such confirmation from our society that plumbing and HVAC work is critically important.

2021 will certainly bring more personal, professional and political challenges, yet we have learned so much this year and soon we will move forward with greater skill, confidence and success than ever before.

The participation and successes of our membership and allies cannot be understated. IAPMO values the contributions and collaboration of all members of our industry. This makes us incredibly unique, and I encourage each of you to see and experience first-hand our collaborative approach to creating codes and standards.

During our recent Board of Directors elections, as well as our nation’s elections, it was obvious that every vote counts, and we need to stay active and united. Please keep your memberships active and encourage others to join. As my predecessor Dave Straub mentioned several times in his president’s messages, we need to make our best effort to encourage our youngest members to participate and keep IAPMO the most innovative standards developing organization in our industry.

Please continue to attend local chapter meetings, maintain your professional friendships and alliances, and participate in IAPMO’s upcoming events.

Thank you for support and for your passion in our industry! On behalf of the Board, we wish each of you excellent health, safety and prosperity for 2021 and beyond.