Ask a Technical Question

Asking a technical question has been made easy by choosing any one of the 3 methods listed:

Call and speak with our IAPMO technical staff on an informal basis at 1-800-201-0335 between the hours of 8:00am-5pm (Pacific Time).

Submit your written question online. Our Technical staff will respond, via phone call, to all requests for clarification on any published IAPMO code. Please allow 30 days for an informal reply.

Request a formal written interpretation of IAPMO codes online pursuant to IAPMO Regulations Governing Committee Projects. Please note it is imperative that you read the directions carefully prior to submitting your request and response time varies due to procedural regulations formal written interpretation.


Formal Interpretations


IMPORTANT NOTICE: IAPMO’S Technical Question Service is meant to provide information on and assistance in accessing and understanding IAPMO’s codes. Clarifications and opinions contained in responses provided in fulfilling this service do constitute Formal Interpretations issued pursuant to IAPMO’s Regulations Governing Committee Projects. Any opinion expressed, therefore, is the personal opinion of the responder and does not necessarily represent the official position of IAPMO or its Technical Committees. In addition, responses provided are not intended, nor should they be relied upon, to provide professional consultation or services.