• DEA Members participated in ASSE 1055-2020 workgroup to update the standard to a Canadian Standard.
  • DEA Members worked with IAPMO Standards to create an Installation Standard for Chemical Dispensers.
  • 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code change was submitted by DEA to create a new section for chemical dispensing equipment.  Technical Committee amended language and accepted it.
  • 2018 National Standard Plumbing Code change proposal was submitted to the Code Committee and awaiting action by the body.
  • Submitted language to Massachusetts Plumbing Board to clarify issue of chemical dispensing equipment being installed at a mop sink.  Awaiting action by the Board.
  • Made presentation to the Utah Plumbing Advisory Committee regarding ASSE 1055 certified chemical dispensers and requested the 2018 Utah Plumbing Code not contain amendment language changing the 2018 IPC.  The committee voted to move the section dealing with chemical dispensers forward without any amendments.
  • Worked with inspector in Idaho to clarify language dealing with backflow prevention and acceptance of ASSE 1055.
  • Monitoring code updates in several jurisdictions within the USA and Canada.
  • Attended the 2018 Texas Public Drinking Water Conference and presented attendees with information about chemical dispensers certified to ASSE 1055.