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Hugo Aguilar, P.E.
Vice President of Codes & Standards Development   909-472-4111        
Enrique Gonzalez, E.I.T                          Manager of Code Development 909-230-5535  
Terry Burger                      Director of IAPMO Standards Development 909-519-0740   
Sung Choe Manager of Standards Development  
                 Mechanical Code Development Administrator 909-218-8122       
Taylor Duran E.I.T
Codes & Standards Technical Administrator 909-218-8126    
Alma Ramos                                 Senior Manager of Codes and Standards 909-230-5528  
Angela Ohlheiser                                   Technical Editing Specialist 909-218-8127
Angela Juarez                               Technical Layout Specialist     909-218-8125
Anthony Mancha                               Code Development Assistant II 909-218-8124