The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Backflow Prevention Institute® (BPI) was created over 25 years ago by Dr. Stuart F. Asay P.E., Ph.D. to provide a higher level of training for all those involved within the backflow prevention industry. Since that time it has grown into the premier training provider in the cross-connection control industry.

The Institute has continued to expand both its locations and its class offerings. Classes are available at various sites across the United States and on an international basis. Colorado is where the Institute began and where classes are held on a monthly basis in various locations around the state. Working with the Colorado Rural Water Association, the Institute is expanding its footprint to new locations within the state. The Institute has also stepped up its training in California. With the construction of a state of the art Wet-Lab at the IAPMO Headquarters in Ontario, California, the Institute is providing training and certification classes both in Ontario and all around the Golden State. The list continues with training being provided in Arizona, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, Minnesota, Virginia, Wisconsin, and other areas of the United States.

Class offerings have also been expanded and revised. Using the ASSE International as its third party certifier, the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute offers training classes and certification in backflow testing, backflow repair, cross-connection control surveying, program administration, and fire sprinkler system backflow testing. The ASSE Program is one of the oldest and currently the largest program of its kind in the industry. The Institute training classes provide its students with the training necessary to provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully meet the requirements or testing of almost any authority having jurisdiction.

IAPMO’s Backflow Prevention Institute continues to build on the vision of Dr. Asay by working to provide educational opportunities to all stakeholders in the industry and to the general public. Our quarterly magazine Backflow Prevention Journal™ is a vehicle for discussion innovation, and dialog for every part of the plumbing or water industry. Please visit Backflow Prevention Journal™ to learn more.

IAPMO BPI uses the most qualified instructors in our training. Our training materials including the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Reference Manual are the best available in the industry today. The Institute can provide the training and certification needed at any location and on any schedule. For a look at our current schedule or to schedule training at your facility or to simply learn more about the Institute this website has all the links.