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 Press Releases

IAPMO UES Statement.pdfIAPMO UES Statement
2018-12-07 IAPMO RT AS 9100.pdf2018-12-07 IAPMO RT AS 9100
2018-12-05 IAPMO Standards ISO 30500.pdf2018-12-05 IAPMO Standards ISO 30500
2018-11-16 IAPMO IBT ASTM C518.pdf2018-11-16 IAPMO IBT ASTM C518
2018-11-15 IAPMO RT Ethridge Toxicologist.pdf2018-11-15 IAPMO RT Ethridge Toxicologist
2018-11-14 HIA-C Launches BEST Upgrade.pdf2018-11-14 HIA-C Launches BEST Upgrade
2018-11-08 ASSE 12000 Now Available.pdf2018-11-08 ASSE 12000 Now Available
2018-11-05 CPC2018 Completed.pdf2018-11-05 CPC2018 Completed
2018-10-30 IAPMO ISO 30500.pdf2018-10-30 IAPMO ISO 30500
2018-10-29 IAPMO 2021 Solar Pool TC.pdf2018-10-29 IAPMO 2021 Solar Pool TC
2018-10-29 IAPMO 2021 Solar Pool Code Proposals.pdf2018-10-29 IAPMO 2021 Solar Pool Code Proposals
2018-10-23 President Authorizes WaterSense.pdf2018-10-23 President Authorizes WaterSense
2018-10-22 CPC2018 Begins.pdf2018-10-22 CPC2018 Begins
2018-10-19 CPC2018 Dignitaries.pdf2018-10-19 CPC2018 Dignitaries
2018-10-16 CPC2018 Schedule Announced.pdf2018-10-16 CPC2018 Schedule Announced
2018-10-08 CPC2018 Partners.pdf2018-10-08 CPC2018 Partners
2018-10-03 CPC2018 Ambassador Program.pdf2018-10-03 CPC2018 Ambassador Program
2018-10-01 IAPMO 89th Annual Conference Begins.pdf2018-10-01 IAPMO 89th Annual Conference Begins
2018-09-28 WeStand Call for Proposals.pdf2018-09-28 WeStand Call for Proposals
2018-09-24 IAPMO FLEX Testing.pdf2018-09-24 IAPMO FLEX Testing
2018-09-24 CPC2018 UA donations.pdf2018-09-24 CPC2018 UA donations
2018-09-17 IAPMO Commerce ITA MOA.pdf2018-09-17 IAPMO Commerce ITA MOA
2018-08-31 IAPMO 2021 UPC UMC Public Comment.pdf2018-08-31 IAPMO 2021 UPC UMC Public Comment
2018-08-23 IAPMO UPC UMC ROP.pdf2018-08-23 IAPMO UPC UMC ROP
2018-08-22 IAPMO 2018 USHGC USPSHTC.pdf2018-08-22 IAPMO 2018 USHGC USPSHTC
2018-08-17 IAPMO Standards Z601.pdf2018-08-17 IAPMO Standards Z601
2018-08-09 CPC2018 LIXIL PIPE Sponsorships.pdf2018-08-09 CPC2018 LIXIL PIPE Sponsorships
2018-07-27 IAPMO RT Watersense Showerhead Specification.pdf2018-07-27 IAPMO RT Watersense Showerhead Specification
2018-07-27 Hilti ER-547.pdf2018-07-27 Hilti ER-547
2018-07-24 We•Stand Call for Task Groups.pdf2018-07-24 We•Stand Call for Task Groups
2018-07-11 CPC2018 Navajo Nation.pdf2018-07-11 CPC2018 Navajo Nation
2018-07-09 NSPC Proposed Changes.pdf2018-07-09 NSPC Proposed Changes
2018-07-05 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia APPIN Awareness Event.pdf2018-07-05 PT IAPMO Group Indonesia APPIN Awareness Event
2018-06-29 IAPMO TIA UMC 005-18 Comments.pdf2018-06-29 IAPMO TIA UMC 005-18 Comments
2018-06-29 IAPMO Standards PSC.pdf2018-06-29 IAPMO Standards PSC
2018-06-27 IAPMO ANSI SCCP.pdf2018-06-27 IAPMO ANSI SCCP
2018-06-25 IAPMO Aquadiagnostics.pdf2018-06-25 IAPMO Aquadiagnostics
2018-06-14 China IAPMO RT Lab ANAB Accreditation.pdf2018-06-14 China IAPMO RT Lab ANAB Accreditation
2018-06-12 IAPMO High-Performance Building Week.pdf2018-06-12 IAPMO High-Performance Building Week
2018-06-11 IAPMO Legionella Task Group.pdf2018-06-11 IAPMO Legionella Task Group
2018-05-30 IAPMO US TAG Seeks Members.pdf2018-05-30 IAPMO US TAG Seeks Members
2018-05-22 IAPMO ANSI USTAG Administrator.pdf2018-05-22 IAPMO ANSI USTAG Administrator
2018-05-21 Sixth EWTS Wrap-up.pdf2018-05-21 Sixth EWTS Wrap-up
2018-05-21 IAPMO UPC UMC TC Meetings.pdf2018-05-21 IAPMO UPC UMC TC Meetings
2018-05-14 IAPMO SCC Accreditation.pdf2018-05-14 IAPMO SCC Accreditation
2018-05-14 IAPMO SCC Accreditation French-Canada.pdf2018-05-14 IAPMO SCC Accreditation French-Canada
2018-05-09 IAPMO Chaney Commerce Ross.pdf2018-05-09 IAPMO Chaney Commerce Ross
2018-04-23 IAPMO RT Lab Hires Aridi.pdf2018-04-23 IAPMO RT Lab Hires Aridi
2018-04-16 IAPMO TC Meeting Monographs.pdf2018-04-16 IAPMO TC Meeting Monographs
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