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Executive Vice President's Message 

Allen Inlow
IAPMO Executive Vice President

It has been an exceptionally fast paced year for the portions of the IAPMO Business Unit that I have the privilege of overseeing; a year I would characterize by both significant accomplishments and the further development of a staff team that is unparalleled in its service to IAPMO and in the expertise it has developed and built upon in every area. I commend and congratulate each and every one of them!

I will be brief in my explanations of what each of them has done, simply because they have submitted detailed articles on their activities for this Year in Review. I encourage you to read every one of the articles. It will make you proud of IAPMO, your association, its accomplishments, and the achievements it contributes to our communities, the citizens of the United States, and across the globe every day.

The Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) continued its significant growth, both in the parts of the country it serves and in the services it provides. BPI is constantly looking into areas of the country where it has previously not been approved, and seeking the Authority Having Jurisdiction, sometimes a governmental entity and other times a water purveyor, to grant approval to serve the area. Once that is achieved, BPI has always grown into a major competitor in that jurisdiction. In fact, in just a few short years, BPI has grown into one of the major influencers in the backflow prevention industry.

In addition to training and education in the backflow prevention – cross connection control area, BPI has developed and is implementing a cutting edge methodology of inspecting and assessing the plumbing systems of complex installations and providing a comprehensive report to the owner/operator of potential hazards that should be corrected.

Backflow Prevention and Plumbing Standards Magazine (BPPS) has grown to the point of serving more than 13,000 readers or more every month! It is jointly published by BPI and ASSE as a service to all members. If you have not read a copy recently, you should check it out. It is an award-winning publication that addresses interests in the water utility arena, fire, plumbing, irrigation, and a number of related industries.

Code Development – Ontario has historically performed very well in developing ANSI accredited documents. In fact, a few years ago it achieved Designated Auditor Status, an honor that must be earned by doing nearly perfect work over many years. This is an honor that has been extended to only five other standard developers in the nation. That is an honor Code Development – Ontario intends to maintain for years into the future.

Not content to just sit on its past achievements, Code Development – Ontario is continually looking at technology and ways tasks can be done better, faster, and easier. Other codes and standards developers have recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, some approaching $1 million, on new development systems and procedures. Code Development – Ontario partners with the IAPMO Information Technology department and they creatively look for and find better ways. These methods are being tested and implemented with results that have shown staggering improvements, all at a cost of about 1.5 percent of the other developers.

Dispensing Equipment Alliance (DEA) is a relative newcomer to the IAPMO family. A number of the leading manufacturers and distributors of dispensing equipment joined together, realizing that few understood their equipment and the safety built in, to provide training and education not only among their installers, but among the Inspectors and users throughout the United States. Having spent the first year in the formative stages of their Alliance, they are now moving into the creative aspects of education and training, as well as code assistance and education.

Field Services continues its exemplary service to the membership, the industry, and the nation. Nearly everyone who has worked with our field representatives knows them to be the best advocates for IAPMO, our codes, standards, and services — and even salespersons from time to time. Many of them even function as continuous compliance inspectors for IAPMO R&T, or as proctors for tests when their expertise allows. The scope of their work is amazing and the quality of the work they do is equal to the highest standards. Please take a look at each of the reports for the year they submitted. You will be impressed!

The Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) is very proud of its contributions to the Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code (USEHC). The RPA continues that effort today in submitting code changes and new language into the process. It is working with other related associations and organizations, along with IAPMO, on further improvements to the USEHC, intent on using the code as a vehicle to professionalize the radiant and hydronic industry.

In addition, the RPA is spending a great deal of time and effort creating a meaningful Hydronic Installer and Hydronic System Designer Certification course, in cooperation with IAPMO Learn and ASSE International. It will be the only one of its kind and will be introduced later this year.

Solar continues to be a very hot topic (pun intended). Solar photovoltaic, its benefits in generating electricity coupled with government rebates, has received the attention of many people and the market is booming. The water based solar thermal is lagging behind the photovoltaics, but is still a growing market. Once again, the USEHC is setting the standard and is now being recognized and adopted across the country. 

Next time you are close to IAPMO World Headquarters in Ontario, Calif., please drive by both the East and West buildings. You will be impressed with the array of solar panels now serving IAPMO.

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) and all the good it does will be addressed by others in this Year in Review. I encourage you to read it and take a lot of pride in the good it is doing for people all over the world, many of them less fortunate than we are. The WPC offers a massive return on very little investment and IAPMO has always been a leader in the Council. I will soon be completing my term on the WPC Executive Committee and can only hope that my contributions came close to equaling those that served before me. It was an honor and I am thankful to IAPMO for having made it possible.